Dear Young Bride,

As you stand there with your man on that hot August day, slow down. Take a look around and savor the moment that comes only once in a lifetime. Take a deep look into his loving eyes as you pledge him your life, your heart, and your love. Slow down when you take that hike along the mountain creek and wade into a freezing pool of mountain water. Remember those awkward first kisses and the endless hours together.

Dear Young Wife,

Take those first few months slowly, look around at the tiny trailer you call your first home. Enjoy those first months. By the way, congratulations! You’re pregnant!

Dear Young Wife, take a deep breath. Is this fight really worth it? Take it easy when disagreements come along; when he says something that made you upset. Smile and hug him instead. He’s worth every bit of effort it takes to turn that upset into affection. Stop and realize how much he loves you.

Dear Young Wife, the days go by so quickly and before you know it seven months have passed. Your baby bump is growing, and you realize the love in your heart for your man has grown too. You are taken aback in awe of how much you love him, truly love him. Take a minute to ponder it. Don’t rush. Hold him close every morning, tell him he’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened to you, kiss him long, and hug him tight as he leaves again for the day. Greet him when he comes home from work, sweaty and tired. Savor these moments.

Dear Young Wife, don’t rush through these days in anticipation of your baby’s arrival. Don’t lose sight of today, in excitement for tomorrow. Soon enough the sleepless nights will come, the endless feedings and diaper changes, and you won’t remember what it was like to be totally alone together. When baby comes along, remember you were Mrs. before you were Mom. When you’re too tired at the end of the day to do anything but fall into bed, instead go watch that movie together, and have a tickle fight.

Dear Young Momma,

Take a moment to savor and watch that tiny bundle in your husband’s arms. Hide this sweet moment in your heart as father and child spend their first day together. It will pass quickly. Get fully caught up in this time, smile at his coos, kiss his tiny cheeks, and smell the aroma of his skin. Once you’ve swaddled him in beside you at night, breathe a contented sigh as your husband wraps his arms around the both of you. You are a family.

Dear Young Momma, the days are long as you adjust to the life of a mother. In between the dirty diapers and the sleepless nights, there are the smiles and the laughs of a family. A growing family that’s just begun. Live in the moment. Don’t forget the little moments that make being a wife and momma so much fun: baby’s first laugh, listening to your husband sing a lullaby, and the silent smile you give each other when baby wakes up AGAIN. It’s exhausting, it’s exciting, and it’s your new life.

Dear Young Wife,

Happy anniversary! Four years have already passed and a lot has changed since you walked down the aisle. The love in your heart has multiplied beyond what you could have imagined. It soars higher and goes deeper than the day you first wore that ring. You’re still learning, though, learning to give and learning to love selflessly.

Dear Momma of one, two, three little ones,

You’re tired and busy, but take a moment to slow down. Life is busy and hurried and filled to the brim with activity and chores. You never seem to be able to catch up on sleep and your precious children leave you frustrated at times with their neediness. But then two tiny and grubby hands reach up to you and ask: “Momma, hold me please” and you snuggle your face into their sweaty, sweet neck. It’s all worth it.

Dear young Momma, God will always equip you with what you need if you only allow Him. Enjoy these days, embrace them all – the good and bad. He made you for this life, designed you to be a wife and mother, He won’t leave you when you need His strength. Each day will end alike and soon the days will grow to years and everything will be memories – make sure to stop and make plenty of precious ones. It’s just the beginning of this crazy, wonderful journey you’re on. You’ve only scratched the surface of the joy and excitement awaiting you. Savor each moment. It’s only just begun!

Whitney Bougher

Whitney is Momma to three little munchkins ages three and under who always keep her on her toes! She is also a youth pastor's wife, chai tea lover, organizing fanatic, and enjoys a bowl of cookie dough on occasion. You can join her on the Bougher family blog: