Waiting is hard. Waiting for someone you love to come back home, waiting for a book to be delivered from Amazon when you don’t have Prime, waiting for your pizza to be done baking (and then eating it far too soon and burning the roof of your mouth). So. Hard. And as my parents, friends, and husband will tell you, patience has never been my forte. I’ve been in a state of waiting (sometimes patiently, most times not) for almost a month now as my husband and I now live 1,000 miles apart.

I told myself while Andrew was gone I was going to continue with life, keep busy, start new projects. But these first few weeks have been filled with a lot of Netflix, puppy cuddles, popcorn, and hiss sweatshirts. So this morning, like every morning, I walked from my bed to the kitchen with Maggie at my heels, I put on a pot of hot water for my morning tea and turned on the Today Show. I was ready to resume my spot on the couch with a puppy in my lap like yesterday and the day before that and the day before that. Waiting for something different to happen. Little did I know that today would turn out to be quite different.

I follow Lysa TerKeurst of Proverbs 31Ministries on most social media outlets, and the other day she posted a prayer that really spoke to my heart. However I didn’t know it until this morning just how much. Lysa started out by saying “Instead of wallowing in our weak places today, let’s allow the Spirit to reveal the one positive step we can take right now. Let’s wash away our thoughts of condemnation with the warmth of His grace. Receive His power. And rename our weaknesses, our strong places.”

While I had planned to have a seemingly boring day, doing the same thing, wallowing in my weaknesses (and Netflix), that post from Lysa and an early morning conversation with my Minden bestie about past life goals combined to inspire me. I will no longer sit around and wait for life to happen, I am going to make it happen. I am going to rename my weaknesses my strong places starting with a special collection of articles for Her View From Home! Beginning in March, I will choose a married couple each month that has a story of love, life, war, or faith that I find inspiring. And I am going to record each story and share it with all of you. The first article, in my mind, is going to be the most special because I am sharing the story of my Grandparents, Mary and Dean, who are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary in March! The hilarious and heartwarming story of how they met, fell in love, and have spent a wonderful life together raising five children and 12 grandkids is so inspirational to me, and I just know you’ll feel the same way.

So please follow along with me every month and share each new story with your friends. Furthermore, if you know a couple that deserves to have their story shared in an article, please let me know, I would be absolutely honored to write it. I am so excited to start on this journey, exploring the love and lives of individuals we can learn so much about our own strength from!

Anna Butler

Air Force wife, History teacher, lover of books, chocolate chip cookie dough, and a nice, big cup of tea. I was born and raised in Bellevue, Nebraska and went to college at Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln. I'm a diehard Husker fan and no matter where the Air Force takes us, I will make it my mission to find a Nebraska bar during football season! I try my best to be a good cook, housekeeper, and Christian wife for my kind and loving husband, and I love to write about how God has worked His magic in my life. However, you'll find that my point of view and interpretations are never too serious. After all, God has a sense of humor; He made the platypus!