Much of what people do, eat, and say that stem from where we’re from. Chili and cinnamon rolls, for example, is a thing ’round the Midwest, but not in other parts of the country. And–though I do sometimes use it when I write–most people from this area don’t say “y’all” in normal conversation. Aside from being excellent trivia game fodder, these regional characteristics bond us together and help us recognize “true” Nebraskans from wannabes.

The holidays are no different–we Nebraskans celebrate in our own special way. And if you’re hoping to be one of us, it’d be a good idea to learn (fast!) how to blend in.

Here are seven ways you know you’re doing Christmas the Nebraska way:

  • Your Christmas tree is decorated with football ornaments and miniature helmets.
  • You have a football jersey specifically for your snowmen.
  • The three wise men in your nativity set are figurines of Tom Osborne, Bob Devaney, and John Cook.
  • Your family re-gifts a singing Billy Mouth Bass to each other every year.
  • You think “O Holy Night” is about the 1997 “Miracle in Missouri” game.
  • You refer to the Christmas colors as “scarlet” and “cream” instead of “red” and “white.”
  • Every third item on your wish list is Husker themed.

Kenzie Swanson

Kenzie Swanson is the blogger behind Hello Neverland She’s also a wife, mom, Etsy shop owner, and avid journal writer. She likes her books printed on paper and her coffee hot. She’s shy and messy and can’t cook to save her life. Originally from Iowa, Kenzie has settled into life in Nebraska pretty well—she’s even embraced the crazy that is football Saturday in Lincoln (well, mostly). She spends her time working her day job, chasing her wee kiddo, and starting (and sometimes even finishing) crafty projects of all kinds.