This is my current situation.

Jason and I just had to have a very hard conversation to send Ellie away tonight for maybe a month . . . to stay with my amazing friend Anita, who did not even hesitate to keep her for us. And Ellie loves “Miss Nita.”

This is the face of someone who feels punished for trying to be the “good guy.”

My job as an ER nurse is just that, my job, I don’t ever feel like it’s anything crazy or special or deserving of accolades. Jason feels the same way as a fire fighter/medic.

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But, our jobs are important right now and unlike many, we are still required to work. And that work carries a high risk of being infected or spreading this virus. I have already been in contact with positive patients, and the last thing we want to do is have Ellie surrounded by the potential virus we could carry home.

So, I feel punished for having to be the “good guy.” I have to send my 3.5-year-old child away. I won’t get to visit her. I won’t get to hug her. I won’t get to tuck her in at night. We have FaceTime, and that’s it. For up to a month, or who knows how long . . . and many of my coworkers have had to do the same.

So, if you’ve read this far and you are having to stay home with your kids all day, consider it a blessing and absolutely NOTHING less.

And for heaven’s sake everyone, STAY. AT. HOME.

The sooner this crap is over the quicker my kid can come home. 

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Devon Oechsle

Devon Oechsle, and her husband Jason, live in Bryan, TX. She is an ER nurse and he a local firefighter/paramedic. Together they have a 3.5 year old lovely, spunky little girl named Ellie. When all of this is said and done, they hope to be able to take their daughter on a special vacation and enjoy the present.