Hello Her View From Home readers!

I have been a writer on here for a while, not quite from the very beginning, but pretty darn close. I mostly have written about places to see and things to do in Nebraska, books, and movies. They are all things I dearly love, but they are not very personal subjects. They are the fun icing on the cake of life. The things that bring pleasure and entertainment, but don’t show much of me.

living with chronic illness

For a long time I had hard time writing about anything too personal. I have so much to share, so many stories to tell, but I was guarded and wary of big wide internet world. I have tested the waters on my personal blog (which is very neglected, I’m working on that) and I found that there were a lot of people out there who also are going through similar things to what I’m going through. That sharing my stories and experiences may be helping others, or at least showing others like me they aren’t alone.

You see, while most people live in the world healthy and full of energy, I do not. I suffer from fibromyalgia, a chronic pain disorder with a whole lot of drama that goes along with it, namely being a disorder some people don’t think is real and a lot of people don’t understand. I also have been diagnosed with migraine headaches, a bleeding disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder. All of these thing are part of me and I have been dealing with them for a long time (18+ years depending on which condition we’re talking about). I have started getting to a point where I have years of experience in my pocket. As I slowly emerged into the world of blogging and writing I have been getting feed back from others, saying they too suffer and have suffered in silence.

While I will still write about the fun things like movies, I am going to be brave and show the vulnerable side of me. The one that is messy, and sensitive, and feels so much pain. I am going to reach out to those of you out there who are fellow suffers of chronic illness and/or mental illness. And to all of you lucky healthy people out there I can hopefully shed some light on what it is like to live with chronic illnesses.

chronic illness

I want to ask you readers, what topics would you most like me to cover? I have so many ideas and articles half written, but I would love to hear what would help you as a fellow sufferer or someone wanting to understand what living with chronic illness is like.

I am looking forward,  and a little scared to share so much with so many of you!


Kelly Maeser

Kelly is a Nebraska girl who is still trying to figure out what she is going to be when she grows up as she makes up stories and writes poetry. In addition to writing for Her View From Home. She had a poem published in Migraine Expressions: A Creative Journey through Life with Migraines, and is currently working on a collection of poetry and a YA novel. Kelly is taking a break from blogging, but you can follow her and her creative musing on Instagram (kellymaeserwriter), Twitter (@KellyMaeser) and Facebook (Kelly Maeser- Writer). http://kellymaeser.blogspot.com/