I want to be known as a grace hunter.

Every day, I pray I would be given eyes to see the world in which we live through a lens of grace—a lens that causes me to marvel at the ways of my God and be constantly filled with wonder.

I am thankful I have no choice but to live life at a slower pace.

I pray for the ability to see the beauty and God’s grace in the seemingly small and insignificant things.

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I pray for eyes to see His grace even in the inevitable storms that this crooked journey brings.

I want to be a grace extender.

I want to be a person who dares to enter. A person who sits with others in their unknowns as they process the hard.

I want to be a person who does not consume herself with concealing her flaws because Scripture tells me we go through storms so that we can help others by openly sharing our scars.

And when I am prompted to share my scars, I pray I would do so with humility.

You see, sometimes even more so than my physical limitations, pride is my most significant disability.

I do not ever want to lose sight of what my Savior has done.

Grace is a constant reminder that the battle has already been won.

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I want to be a person who lives in Jesus’s today grace every single day.

I pray that each day, His graciousness toward me would inspire me to give love away freely.

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Rebecca Neels

My name is Rebecca Neels, but almost everyone calls me Becca. I am a lover and follower of Jesus Christ, a writer, an avid outdoor adventure enthusiast and a passionate disability advocate. Oh, and I have a condition called Cerebral Palsy, which means I am dependent on a wheelchair for almost all aspects of mobility. My journey with Cerebral Palsy has strengthened and tested my faith in so many ways. If someone gave me the opportunity to be able to walk unassisted, I would not hesitate. I would love to be able to run. Run the way my soul runs, but I am so thankful for how it has forced me to take refuge in the arms of my Savior.

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