It’s 1:00 am, and I, the mother of a 4-month-old, am awake. 

Now, most parents would be utterly horrified to learn that I am awake whilst my baby boy sleeps soundly in his crib and my other half lays lightly snoring next to me. 

But, I am awake thinking about how truly grateful I am to be able to peer into a white crib and see a beautiful baby that I made and carried all that time then birthed, all by myself. What a marvelous thing for me to of done. Especially, after being told children would likely not be on the cards for me. How fortunate I am to have people who make me smile everyday. 

I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in 2013 and I really did think that was it for me, not only did I believe my life was over but I thought the one thing I wanted most in life was now to be taken away from me, motherhood. 

After the great battle of cancer, I won. 

I’m now in partial remission and I’ve HAD a baby. I hope to have many more in the future, as many as my body (and other half) will allow me. 

I’m not one to sit and think about how great life is, because trust me, I know that everyday stress is a big distraction from the big picture. All those small things find a way to add up don’t they? We become so blinded by the monotonous tasks of daily life that we forget how fortunate we are that we have the tools to do those tasks. I get so frustrated having to do the washing and ironing, it’s my least favourite job and I would honestly rather clean the toilet, because I am the bleach queen! But right now I am thinking how marvelous it is that I have the luxury of clean clothes, that I have a warm little body that will wear those clothes and a loving partner who will wear these socks with the holes in that I seriously need to throw out.

(Adds note to phone to buy Daddy socks for Christmas)

But yes, it’s 1am and I am thankful. 

You should be too, life is truly a wonderful.

blessing that we so naively take for granted everyday. 

Make today different, give your child an extra kiss, pay someone a compliment, make sure your partner knows they are loved and appreciated, call your family.

Don’t waste a minute, life is too precious. 


Charlie Gray

Charlie is a blogger, owner of a publishing company and most importantly a mother to a very handsome little boy. She grew up and lives in The New Forest with her partner. Charlie enjoys all things Beauty, Baby and Beyond. Her little boy gives her plenty to write about but so little time to do it in, so any moment spared is spent letting the world know about their crazy adventures.