Dear husband,

You truly are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Your patience and love amaze me every single day. I forget when you come home from work that you’ve had a long day, too. Sometimes I spend the day counting down the minutes until you get home, so I can have a mommy break. You’re so good about playing with our daughter as soon as you walk in the door. I know you’d love to have a break, too, but you’re so selfless, you give me the break I’ve been needing all day.

Even with my appreciation for you, I still manage to find things to nag you about lately.

I’m sorry I nagged you about not cleaning the dishes properly. After all, you did look at the kitchen sink, notice they needed to be cleaned, and cleaned them without me asking. I’m sure you were expecting a big thank you from me when I came into the kitchen, but instead, you got a, “Why is there still soap on the dishes? Here, I’ll fix it.”

I should have said thank you, sweetie, and for that I’m sorry.

I’m sorry I nagged you about leaving your clothes on the floor next to the hamper. Our daughter and I were already sleeping when you walked into the room and placed them there. It was dark and you got them close enough, but still, I griped at you the next morning and asked you why it was my job to put your clothes in the hamper. You would have placed them in the hamper eventually, I just didn’t give you the time.

I’m sorry I nagged you in the store for not looking to see if you had enough coffee before we left the house. It really wasn’t that big of a deal, and we could have just bought more coffee. We didn’t buy more coffee, though. Instead, you pushed the cart behind me and apologized for something you shouldn’t have. Next time, honey, we’ll just buy more coffee and move on.

I’m sorry I nagged you for putting too much soap in the washer. Laundry isn’t typically something you would do, and you noticed the hamper was full, so you started the washer. I immediately asked you how much soap you put in the washer, and instead, I should have thanked you immensely for noticing that I was drowning in mounds of laundry. Rather than asking me when I was going to get it done, you started it yourself.

One of your best qualities is noticing when I need help and jumping in to be Super Husband.

I’m sorry I nagged you about leaving your shoes on the stairs instead of placing them in the closet. You were excited to get upstairs, say hello, and see how our day went. I should have been more grateful to have a husband that adores us and cares about how our day at home went, but instead, I nagged you for leaving your shoes on the stairs. Really, you were trying not to drag mud through the house with your boots, which is something I had previously nagged you about. I’m sure you thought you were winning by leaving them on the stairs, but I made sure to find another reason to nag about your shoes.

Instead of responding to my nagging with negative feelings, you say “Yes, sweetie,” and we move on. Thank you for understanding that this time in my life as a new mom with an infant is difficult and staying at home all day is no easy task. You’re crazy supportive of all my mood swings and swallow my nagging like you forget it the moment it happens.

I love you for your patience and support, and I’m sorry that I nag you lately.

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Libby Pearson

I'm a small-town girl married to a small-town boy, and together we are raising our big-city baby. I get to spend my days at home with our baby and pup. Mommy makes lots of coffee runs and milk is baby's choice of java. We're both running on what we must to survive the day!