Please, don’t try to fix me.

When you see me struggling, don’t tell me to stop crying. Come and wipe the tears from my face and look me in the eyes. Ask me why I’m hurting, come sit with me in the struggle for just a few minutes.

Let me know you’re in this with me.

When you see my plate is full, don’t tell me to push through. Come and take my hand and let’s do the things together. Ask me how you can help, let’s be the team we promised to be. Let me know it’s not all up to me.

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When you see my feelings are hurt, don’t ignore me. Come, sit close and see my heart and let me cry on your shoulder. Ask me where things went wrong, I’ll take my blame and you can take yours. Let me know you still care about my feelings.

When you see my anxiety rising, don’t tell me to get it together. Come and put my hand on your chest, breathe in and out and calm my soul. Ask me who I am in Christ, remind me I am more than these anxious thoughts. Let me know you are here in sickness and in health.

When you see I’m weak and can’t walk on, don’t leave me behind. Come, stoop down next to me, reach out your hand and pull me up. Ask me what I need and all I’ll need is for you to hold me close in that moment.

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Let me know my burdens aren’t too much for you to help carry.

I am not a puzzle to be solved, not a project to be completed. Let me know that you know my brokenness isn’t seen as something to be fixed, but a soul in need of love.

*For my precious husband, who always gently loves my soul where it is at, who always lets me know I’m not broken.

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