One of the most important things I have learned on my faith journey is He is our only true source of hope.

This world is full of sin and broken people who will always let you down and the only way to survive is to place your full hope in Him and His promises.

Hope essentially takes the driver seat for all of your goals in life, so placing hope in inconsistent people, jobs, money, fame, etc. will only guide you to the wrong places that will continue to let you down again and again.

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You can’t change the inconsistent, sinful people who hurt you, but you can have hope in the only one who can change their hearts.

You may feel completely beaten down by life, but you can have hope that He will deliver all of His promises to you.

You can have hope that He hears your prayers and will answer them in His perfect timing.

Even when you are crying into your pillow and can’t feel his presence with you, you can have hope in the fact He is there weeping with you.

You can have hope He will fulfill the desires of your heart at any given time.

If your mind is full of anxious and depressing thoughts, you can have hope He will calm you and provide overwhelming comfort.

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Although your heart may be shattered into a million pieces, you can have hope He will mend your broken heart and piece it back together more whole than it was before.

When your path ahead is unclear, you can have hope He will provide clear direction.

If you lose your job, you can have hope He will send a better career your way.

When you feel lost and scared, you can have hope He is walking with you every step of every day.

When you receive that horrible diagnosis from the doctor, you can have hope He will provide strength and healing.

True fulfilling hope is never possible when placed in man or earthly things, but it is looking forward to the miracles that only He can provide in your life. He will never leave us stuck in these places of defeat and doubt, and that alone offers us continuous hope. After all, there is nothing too difficult that He can’t do.

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Trust in Him and His plan to “prosper you, and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11) and remain confident in who He is. His gift of hope will shine a light on every situation we face because we know He has already won.

I promise, placing your hope and expectations in Him will never leave you disappointed but only abundantly satisfied.

He will never leave us disappointed or defeated, and I know we can place our hope in the fact He is turning around every situation for our good. He is the only one who is constant, stable, and never changing in our lives, and He will always provide us something greater to look forward to regardless of our current circumstances.

So even if you see absolutely no reason to do so, I encourage you to have hope and wait patiently for Him to come and restore you. And when He does, you will not be let down.

Courtney Kelley

Hi everyone! I'm Courtney! I recently started my blog as a way to share my journey of taking root in faith by growing deeper in His word! When I was 7 years old, I started keeping a prayer journal and to this day, my love for writing and logging my most intimate thoughts with the Lord is what has kept me grounded and levelheaded. For the past several years, I’ve kept receiving messages, thoughts, signs, and nudges to begin sharing those personal prayers along with my journey of being set apart by God with others. It’s been as if God is sitting on the edge of my bed every night saying, “share my word with the world.” He knew when he placed that first thought in my 7-year-old mind to begin journaling my prayers, I would eventually share every intimate and personal experience I have had with Him to lead others into his loving arms. To follow along my journey of faith, you can find me on Facebook & Instagram @takingrootinfaith and on my website: