Let’s talk about what we don’t talk about near enough, and what I feel gets swept under the rug a bit. Someone I feel gets overlooked due to “funny” memes that only belittle them.

Let’s talk about husbands.

Let’s talk about the husbands who go from the young guys with the brand new trucks who washed it every Friday before picking you up, to the men who have paid the truck off and are rocking the rusted bedsides because they put their families’ needs before their wants.

Let’s talk about the husbands who trade horsepower and built transmissions for car seats in the back and smashed up Pop-Tarts in the floor board.

Let’s talk about the husbands who will bust their tails and hand over every dime to their wives to pay for something that is non-essential, but important to them as they await their new babies.

Let’s talk about husbands who didn’t crack a book in school, but will read to their babies before bed—voices included.

Let’s talk about husbands who use their broad shoulders, not just for strength, but for giving their families soft places to land when the world gets tough or they just need a place to rest.

Let’s talk about husbands who trade their stubborn pride for humble apologies—even to their children.

Let’s talk about husbands with to-do lists miles long, but will slow down if their kids need them.

Let’s talk about husbands who don’t do the laundry or dishes right, but dang it, at least they tried.

Let’s talk about the husbands who trade calm Sunday morning sleep-ins for chaotic rushes to get the family to church.

But really, can we just talk positively about husbands?

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