I don’t wear my rings to bed. I never have.  Every morning as I get ready for the day I choose to put my wedding ring on. I choose to make our marriage a priority. Some days have been easier than othersbelieve me, we are not perfect. 

It was a choice I made in the pastin the bleary, sleep-deprived baby and toddler days when we were too tired to think straight and our personal desires and projects had to be put on hold. Those were frustratingly beautiful times.

It’s a choice I make for today amidst the crazy life we have raising teenagers in today’s world.

When activities often have us going in different directions. When society is trying to corrupt our core beliefs. We choose to try (again not perfect) our best to set a good example of what marriage can look like so that one day our kids might make the same choice.

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It is also a choice I make for the future. For the memories we have yet to make. For the travels, holidays, graduations, weddings, babies, and more that we will get to enjoy together.

Marriage was never meant to be easy. Tying to people with separate wants, desires, and wills together isn’t for the faint of heart (then adding in children who have wills and desires of their own).

Every day it’s a choice, and we both have to make it daily.   

These rings—the top is my wedding ring and the bottom my grandmother’s 25th-anniversary ring (passed down to my mom and then to me). Every day I slide them on and am reminded of the choices we make and the lasting impact they can have. 

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Today we celebrate our 21st anniversary. 

Twenty-one years of daily choosing you and this life we have built by God’s grace. 

I choose us.

Originally published on the author’s Facebook page

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My name is Jamie. I am 43, mother of three, married over 20 years. I am a registered nurse and homeschool mom.

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