Dear husband,

Thank you. You are always picking up where I left off. Even when you only had two hours of sleep, you still get your work done during the day, do your part around the house, and spend time with the boys.

In these uncertain and desperate times, this is the consistency I need. 

I know sometimes I seem agitated, but I promise it’s not because of you. I’m frustrated with the situation. I miss my family, friends, and normalcy. This has nothing to do with you.

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If anything, you are my normal, and sometimes because of that, you get the brunt of my frustration. 

You know when I need more wine, a shower, and a break. You know when I need you to clean up after dinner and do the laundry because I honestly have forgotten about it since we have all been living in our pajamas most of the days. 

When we run out of medicine, food, and any other necessities, you just go and get what we need (while wearing the mask I made you). You don’t even question whether it should be me or you who goes. You are perfectly fine with being the one exposed to protect all of us. 

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You made sure the boys had presents for their birthdays and Easter. I may have set up their birthday celebrations at home, but you did the hard part. On Easter eve, I was stuck in bed under our 1-year-old, and my head was pounding. You relieved me so I could get some medicine and feel better. Afterward (with almost no sleep) you finished putting the boys’ Easter baskets together and hiding the eggs. 

You are my constant.

Are you perfect? Far from it, but you’re my puzzle piece. You fit with me perfectly. We have certainly had our ups and downs, but throughout it all, it’s been you and me. We have been through a lot in the past 10 years together. Our struggles have only made us stronger as a couple and as a team. 

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It has never been your words that showed me you love me. It has always been your actions. It’s the little things, like sending me a sweet message, buying my favorite wine so I can relax, and always being my shoulder to cry on. It’s doing what needs to be done when I am completely and utterly burnt outall without me having to ask. Although this took time for us both to figure out, I believe we have a groove now. 

Thank you for being you.

You are exactly who I need right now when everything else is uncertain.

I love you.

Your ever so grateful wife

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Holly Dignen

Holly Dignen is a Stay-At-Home Mom of two boys. She is also one of three Kid's Event Chairpersons for her neighborhood community. She has her Master's degree in Elementary Education and several years of teaching under her belt. When she isn't spending time with her beautiful family, she is volunteering or writing.