Alright hubbies, listen up!

It’s just before the school year starts, it’s been the longest summer eeeever. Your wife is probably feeling overwhelmed. She is tired. Maybe cranky. And she hasn’t had a day to herself since March. Here’s what you need to do.

Push. Her. Out. The. Door.

By herself or with a friend.

Fill up the van with gas and tell her not to come home until after dinner.

Remind her what a gift she is to your family. How thankful you are for her. Whether she is a SAHM or a working mom, how proud you are of who she is and who she has stepped up to be during this hard season.

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If you have a little extra cash or gift cards you have been saving, throw that out the door with her, too.

Make her an appointment to get a pedicure.

Remind her where the nearest Starbucks is and make sure she grabs her favorite drink, and pay for her friend, too.

Don’t text her about the kids unless it’s an emergency (or if she forgot her purse or mask at home). But do text her halfway through the day and ask how she is doing.

Let her exhale and enjoy a day full of things she loves.

And when she comes home from her lovely day, a bonus would be to have the dishes cleaned up and the living room somewhat tidy (not perfect, we don’t expect that from you).

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And also when she comes home, ask her all about her day. Have her show you what she bought, compliment her cute new toes, and ask her to try on what she bought. She loves to show you those things!

Find JOY in knowing that you have given her a day from heaven as she gets ready to run head-on into a season of uncertainty. A day out won’t fix all her problems, but it will lift her spirits. And what a gift that YOU, sweet husbands, get to give to her.

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