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To lay down one’s life, according to the Bible, is the greatest expression of love. Jesus laid down His life for us by dying on the cross. God loves us so much that He sent His only son to die for humanity.

As Jesus laid down his life for us, so Scripture commands husbands to lay down their lives for their wives. It’s a heavy responsibility placed on the husband to die to himself, to his desires, to his flesh, to love and serve his wife. A husband ought to love sacrificially, and that is exactly the man I married.

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I married the man who lays down his life for me every single day. Without any complaint. Without any fuss. He makes it look easy, even though in reality, he carries a lot on his shoulders.

He has carried us through some dark and painful seasons just in the past year alone. Our first week of marriage started with us dealing with my first miscarriage, followed by a second miscarriage a few months later. My husband went to work as though nothing had happened. But he put his grief aside to provide for us and care for me. He let me grieve while he worked 10 hours a day, sometimes more.

I know how much pressure there is on my husband as we rely on a single income while I focus on my third high-risk pregnancy. We’re busy saving and preparing for a baby, and all that pressure is on him to provide. There are many things my husband wants, but he lays down his life for me and our child by prioritizing us first. Our needs come first, his second.

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I thank God for this man I get to wake up to every day. I thank God for his strength and for the sacrificial love he so naturally gives to me. My husband tells me almost every day how strong I am. But in all honesty, he’s the strong one. I like to joke that he’s my Superman. Because he is.

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