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I want to raise him to be a man who speaks the truth in love. 

Who is kind when he has to be confrontational. 

Who is gentle when he has to show tough love.

Who is humble while standing up for his convictions.

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Who is loyal but not to a fault.

Who can express his rightful anger while being gentle and direct. 

This balance is the real superpower. And the perfect example is Jesus. 

He was always kind but never a pushover. In fact, he pushed tables over when it came to standing up for his beliefs. 

He was always accepting but never condoned a friend’s sinful behavior. 

He was always humble but never sold himself short of who He really was. 

He was always loving but never avoided a necessary argument.

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He was always kind but not always by the world’s standards.

And that is how I want to raise my son.

I want to raise him to look to Jesus as His example. 

Not the media. Not the celebrities. Not the world and all its ever-changing popular opinion. But to His never-changing Word. 

Kindness with convictions, confidence, and certainty is the superpower. Kindness led by the Holy Spirit is the superpower. Kindness that follows Jesus’ example is the superpower. 

No, how about we put that on a shirt?

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Megan Kewaza

Megan Kewaza has been a missionary in Russia, India, and Uganda. She has written curricula, blogs, and articles that highlight trauma-competent caregiving, living out the Christian faith, and motherhood. Her heart is for her readers to feel understood, represented, and accepted. Megan and her Ugandan husband, Emmanuel, share their home in Knoxville, Tennessee with their two children, Josiah and Rebecca. Together, they have founded an organization that seeks to empower Ugandan parents so they can provide for the children in their care. You can learn more at causeuganda.org.

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