Nashville is also known as Music City, but what happens when all the studios are closed, the honkytonks are shut down, and you can’t get a group together to perform?

This is real life right now for some of the best singers in the world who back up the biggest names in the business.

As always, creativity often comes from challenging situations—so why not put together a virtual choir via cell phone?

The outcome is a beautiful version of “It Is Well Within My Soul” that offers hope and encouragement and yes, may even bring you to tears.

Watch below: 

Presented by TenTwoSix Music Group, the recorded performance features 31 vocalists. Each singer recorded his or her part on a phone. It then was arranged by producer David Wise, a Dove Award winner who has worked with Lady Antebellum, Dolly Parton, Steve Green, and Sandy Patti and also has had arrangements published with Word Music and Lifeway Music, two Christian companies. 

The singers’ goal, according to the company, was “to record and lift their collective voices to share a message of hope and encouragement during these challenging days. It is well.”

And that’s exactly what they did. The video has amassed more than 1.5 million views and counting.

We’ll keep playing it again and again throughout this crisis and focus on the hopeful refrain: it is well within our souls.

Whitney Fleming

Whitney is a mom of three teen daughters, a communications consultant, and blogger. She tries to dispel the myth of being a typical suburban mom although she is often driving her minivan to soccer practices and attending PTA meetings. She writes about parenting, relationships, and w(h)ine on her blog Playdates on Fridays.