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Sometimes I take random photos on my phone of my son’s bedroom or what he has built with his LEGOs.

I do this because I know how quickly things change while he is this young.

What he builds with LEGOs is always evolving, becoming more intricate and sophisticated.

When I look around his room and see everything that is there, it’s like a snapshot of the season we are in.

And all I want to do is capture each season.

Capture what life looks like for us, for him.

I envision showing him these photos when he is grown, maybe with kids of his own.

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Showing him exactly what his room was like when he was little, what he built.

Showing him all the things he had, all the things he played with.

Show him how his room was set up.

Because as much as I want to remember it all, I can’t seem to hold all the memories.

I have found pictures are the best way to capture our seasons, his childhood.

So I randomly snap pictures of his room and toys.

Not the cleaned version of his room—the messy version.

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The version that shows he lives there, he is there, and how he plays in his room.

These pictures are my way of capturing a part of my son he will likely not remember about himself.

But these years are our years with him.

And these years are flying by quicker than I’d like.

I find myself simultaneously living these years and also knowing how precious and fleeting they are.

Doing what I can to capture them.

So for me, photos of his everyday life are what touches my heart the most.

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Kelley Friedland

Kelley embraces her motherhood journey through writing. She started writing when her son was born because he would sleep on her all the time and writing was quiet and didn't wake him but let her express all she was feeling. She is passionate about the sharing that happens from writing and reading the words of others. Kelley lives in Nevada with her husband, son, and dog Huey.

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