Do we have a hunter green bow is a text I received from my husband while I was at work. I didn’t even know he knew what hunter green was. Once I replied no, we have other shades of green, but not specifically hunter, he texts back: OK, I just ordered one.

This is how I know he was meant to have a girl.

I always knew he would be an amazing father, I mean that is part of the reason I married him. I knew our children would never have to question anything when it comes to their daddy. He would be a constant figure in their life they could count on no matter what. He would go to the ends of the earth for them. Isn’t that the kind of person someone should want as the father to their children?

I always pictured him with a son. He plays sports, loves to work out, he is the All-American dad who you would just picture coaching his son’s baseball team and watching football on Sundays together. But, from the moment we found out we were having a baby girl, everything I thought I saw him as, as a father, changed for the better—if that is even possible. As he put it, “I will tailgate dance recitals.”

Within 24 hours of finding out it was a girl, he found a song for her. He played it constantly, even on his way to the gym. He said he was going to make sure she felt what the song said. The song is called “Pretty Girl” and is all about having confidence as a girl growing up. Once again, I realized he was meant to have a daughter.

Now, let me paint a picture of my husband for you. He lives in his workout clothes and hoodies. Matching is not necessarily important to him, he only does his hair if he has to, and he is the typical “guy” if you will.

But this little girl—man, does she have him wrapped around her tiny little petite finger.

He dresses her every morning after I leave for work and to say he is picky about what she wears is an understatement. She is wiped down and smells like a clean baby, matches perfectly, hair is freshly brushed, and let’s not forget the bow the perfect shade to go with her outfit. The bow collection we have sums him up as her daddy. I ordered three bows when I first found out we were having a girl. We now have well over 100 within the first year. He has no problem telling me the bow I picked out is not right for her outfit.

Yes, he was meant to have a daughter.

Watching him with her is by far the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life. I knew he would always be a hands-on dad, but this is different. This is like what you see in those perfect family movies, except I get to watch it in real life every day.

Being a mom is an amazing gift, but having a front-row seat to this relationship with a daddy and his daughter is even better.

She has a connection with him that she has with no one else. She knows he is her safe place. This . . . this is why I married him.

So, to all the dads out there who take the time to match the bow, please know not only are you the most amazing thing to your daughter, but you are the most amazing thing to the rest of us. It is not only an honor to watch, but it is an honor to know you. You don’t get the credit you deserve being a girl dad, so here it is.

We see you, she sees you, and our lives are better because of you.

Thank you for being the dad who makes sure his daughter has matching bows.

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Shaina Sweeney

Hello everyone! My name is Shaina Sweeney. I am a very proud mommy to a beautful baby girl and adorbale pup, and let's not forget, proud wife to an incredible husband! I just want to share my experiences becoming a new mom so anyone who stumbles upon this will know, they are not alone! Motherhood is truly a blessing.