People prepared me well to parent babies and toddlers. There were lots of books, advice, and frequent check-ins. I couldn’t run to the grocery store without a well-meaning passerby offering tidbits of knowledge applicable to whatever tantrum we were experiencing. 

But soon enough, those sweet toddler years turned into teenagehood, and I feel like I’m in no man’s land. Where is all the advice, the calls to check-in, the knowing looks that say you’ve got this mama? Because teenagehood is no joke.

This is where we need, maybe more than ever, the encouragement, the reminders that we are going to survive. 

The days are long and hard. They start early and end late. Teenagers go to bed really late! He is grumpy and moody for no apparent reason. Their hormones are constantly changing, leaving you to wonder what in the world just happened. 

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He will take out his frustrations on you even when it had nothing to do with you. 

Press in. 

He will think he knows everything, and you couldn’t possibly understand what he means. 

Press in. 

He will be sullen and sulky in the midst of a family fun day.

Press in. 

He will reach a point where the emotions are too much, and he needs you to just listen. 

Press in. 

He will eventually realize that you are his safe space where he can just be.

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Press in. 

Press in so hard and love the guts out of him.

Your boys need you now. They need to know you love them, see them, forgive them. They need to know someone is in their corner, fighting for them. 

Keep pressing in when it’s hard. When he seems unlovable. When he seems to not want love from you. 

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And then one magical day, he’ll respond with a hug, a thank you, or, if you’re really luckythe holy grail“you’re a good mom.”

Because guess what? You are! You are a good mom. The perfect mom for your specific boy. Just the one he needs. Lean in. Press in. 

Chrissy Huffman

I am a mom to three: a teen, a preteen, and a toddler, doing all the stages of parenting. You can find me drinking all the coffee, making all the things, and trying to hold it all together. I love God's word and God's people and hope to help women ease the burdens of motherhood and life.