Wow. You guys.

Last night, Jennifer Santos and her family attended an American Heritage Girls Troop event. Jennifer and others had been previously asked by board members (via e-mail) to either “cover up or go to the appropriate room” to nurse at this event.

Well, any nursing mama knows that’s not always the easiest task. And why should we have to be afraid to nurse in public anyway?

Jennifer decided to feed her baby (discreetly, we might add – away from “wandering eyes”) because – well, the baby needed to eat.


What happened next leaves us more than a little upset. Watch this video (does he REALLY compare nursing to carrying firearms?!) and let us know what you think.

Video used with permission from Jennifer Santos

Jennifer told us, “It makes me feel that women are still being sexualized. That the only way a man looks at me is sexually. It’s like they can’t see me as a mom just feeding and nurturing her child. According to them unless I adhere to their requirements which are to cover up or go to another room, I am not welcome there and that is not the troop for my family.”

Jennifer went on to tell us that this particular gentleman threatened to, “Call the police department for trespassing if we were not to agree with his requirement.”

We can’t even with this one, guys. Jennifer – know that millions of women around the globe are supporting you!

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