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You are a multi-tasking phenome.

How do I know that?

Because you are a mom.

And that’s what moms are.

We are amazing! We do incredible feats of multi-tasking with the skill and precision of well-trained acrobats. Okay, maybe some days it’s not with the skill of Cirque de Solei and more like the local circus, but still, we are remarkable!

Still don’t believe me?

Do you find yourself having to cook dinner while simultaneously:

refereeing sibling squabbles,

applying band-aids for boo-boos that don’t exist,

picking up the mess that is constantly your house,

telling the dog to shut-up because he keeps barking at the neighbor’s cat,

turning on the water in the bathroom for your toddler who can manage to reach the soap but not the faucet,

making a quick wardrobe change because you notice you are wearing white while making spaghetti and you know how that ends,

and basically, giving a THOUSAND directions to your children like– don’t play in the kitchen while I’m cooking, stop jumping on the couch, don’t DO THAT, put your shoes in the closet, and here’s an ice pack for that bruise you just got for jumping off the couch.

All the while you manage not to burn dinner (or at least most of it). And, the kicker– you manage to eat said dinner even though you spend every.other.bite pulling out every parenting trick in the book to get the kids to eat “the disgusting” meal (their words, not mine) that you just multi-tasked your butt off to make.

And what about leaving the house and actually going somewhere?

You manage to get the kids out the door and EVERYTHING that entails, plus driving the kids safely to your destination all the while giving out constant instruction, handing out snacks and drinks that will make them stop being hangry (and what about when you don’t have a snack to give and you make due by scavenging for mints or gum or anything in your purse that will make them be quiet for five minutes), distributing tissues for the constant nose picking that is going on, using your gumbie arms to reach for all the things they suddenly notice on the floor board that they desperately need, and handing out well-timed warnings (threats) like a maximum security prison guard.


Like I said, you are amazing!

Was there anyone there to see it?


Will anyone give you kudos for the dedication and perseverance and determination and gusto it takes for you to do this “mult-tasking phenome mom-thing” we all have going on?

Maybe. Maybe not. (And not because you don’t deserve it, but let’s face it, your primary audience is your children. So, it won’t be for another 20 or 30 years before all that appreciation comes flooding back. Right? RIGHT!)

But, I see it.

All the other mamas see it, too.

We see you with your newborn and we know the lack of sleep and worry and perseverance and the WORK that comes with it.

We see you holding your toddler like a football as you try to get them to the car in full meltdown mode as you push a cart full of groceries across the parking lot.

We see you bent down, knees on the floor, looking into your kid’s eyes explaining to them why their behavior is inappropriate or why they can’t have a toy at every store you venture into.

We see you at the parent pick-up line at school rubbing the back of your kid’s head as he quietly sobs into your belly because some kid hurt his feelings at school today.

We see you driving your kids around to all the many school, church, and sports activities they have invested in and we know what it has taken for you to make sure they are fed that day and have clean clothes on. Meanwhile you’re walking around wearing your last clean shirt and hair in a messy bun that needed to be washed two days ago.

We know.

We know because we do it, too.

And we salute you.

You multi-taskin’, phenomenal, marvelous snack makin’, head shaken, rule fakin’, I don’t have a tissue but here’s a McDonald’s napkin takin’, love givin’, incredible mama!

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Sherry White

Sherry White writes about the messiness of life, parenting, and faith at her blog The Messy Christian. She tries to add her own brand of humor and insight into everyday issues we all face, reminding us that even though we find ourselves in countless messes, God’s grace lights the way. She would be thrilled if you follower her on Facebook and Instagram.

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