Throughout life, you are going to be in many different situations where you aren’t going to know how to feel or act.

I will always be there to support you and ready to listen.

You may not realize at the time, but mommy was a little girl once. Mommy was also a teenage girl once. Mommy was a new mom once, and a new wife, too. While my experiences will likely always differ from yours, in some way, I will always understand and be ready to talk.

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As a little girl, you may come across a mean girl in the playground at school. Mommy will be there to tell you that little girl is probably jealous or maybe even having a tough time herself. Either way, one person’s words and opinions aren’t enough to change the way other people feel about you.

As a young girl turning into a young woman, you will go through changes that might make you feel anxious or strange. Mommy will be there to tell you it happens to us all and there is nothing to be scared about. It may be a little confusing, but we can get our heads around it together.

As a teenager, you might fall in love with a childhood sweetheart. Mommy will be there to say enjoy it girl. Grow together. That first love will teach you more emotions than anything before. It might not be your forever love, but that’s OK. We can watch movies, eat chocolate, and talk until you feel ready to face the world again.

As a 20-year-old, you may not know where to go with your education, whether to travel or settle down. Mommy will be here to say do whatever your heart is telling you to do, life is for living. So live happily, sweetheart.

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As a first-time mom, Mommy will be there to tell you your emotions are normal. You are enough, and you are doing amazingly. I will be a phone call away, day or night. Need a date night, call me, I will be ready with nanny duties. Need a shower, call me. I will always be ready to help you.

As a woman in love, thinking she is with the person she is ready to spend her life with, I will be there to let you know love is to be embraced. Never look back, be sure of yourself. Be serious when you need to be, but make sure your love is about having fun, too.

My baby girls, you will always be just that—my babies.

You might have your own grandchildren one day, and you will still be my babies. And, Mommy will always be here. As I have learned myself, you are never too old to need your mom.

Anna-Louise Osborne

Anna Osborne is an independent writer, exploring writing through social media. Her passion for writing knows no end. Just following her heart.