My son is getting married. I know. So very exciting. I mean, who doesn’t love a good wedding? With a darling couple. Who absolutely loves each other!

When I asked him, after he told me of their impending nuptials, how he knew he loved this delightful young lady. How he knows she’s the one for him. He told me that she is his very best friend. And that if he’s going to marry someone, he says, it might as well be his best friend. Who likes to watch the same shows he does. Who likes macaroni and cheese and fruit snacks, but not together. And who also gets a little tired, every once in awhile, of her younger sibling.

Because he’s 5. That’s right. Our 5 year old is getting married. Not tomorrow or next week. Let’s be sensible, friends. But he will be marrying the girl who used to live next door when they “reach the age for getting married.” When they’re old, he says. 

I have no issues with his choice. She’s divine. She lives close. She calls me Ash-a-lee, which is pretty much adorable. And we know we like her parents. And her grandparents. What more could we ask for at 4 and 5?

But I continue to ask him, on occasion, why her? Partially because I want to see if his answer ever changes. Partially because I secretly want him to know that, even at 5, this should be a thoughtful choice. In hopes that somehow that mentality survives his teenage, college and beyond, years.

And his response… I love her, mommy. 

And so I asked him, how do you know you love her?

Because I like to give her things. And she will sometimes play the things I want to play. And she is nice. And I think she likes me very very much. And that’s what love is. Liking someone very very much. 

And I have to hand it to the kid. I’m not sure my criteria for my husband sounded that much different than that when I met him at 19. I’m not sure that my 5 year old doesn’t have a better handle on what love is than some 28 year old men I know. I’m not sure he won’t really marry the girl who lived next door. I wouldn’t put it past them.

So we’re not deep into wedding planning yet. We’ve not yet divvied up the bills. And we haven’t booked the church. But he’s getting married. Someday. To his best friend. Whom he loves. And as a momma, I’m not sure I could ask for anything more.

Have a delightful Valentine’s Day. I can only hope you are spending it with someone you think is nice. And who you like. Very, very much.

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Ashli Brehm

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