Motherhood is a grilled cheese with the crust cut off. It’s dinner that’s no longer piping hot from the oven. But it’s your kid’s favorite meal and they ate every bite, so you enjoy it all the same. 

Motherhood is packing everyone’s bags the night before. It’s packing your bag the morning of, then forgetting your deodorant back home. But it’s a day full of countless memories, ones that you will keep safely locked in your heart.

Motherhood is endless piles of laundry, continuously washed folded, and organized. It’s realizing your underwear is inside out and your shirt has a coffee stain on it.

But it’s watching your daughter twirl around with confidence in her favorite dress, the one you made sure was clean. 

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Motherhood is board books, G-rated movies, and the same songs on repeat. It’s pages of the latest best-selling novel left unturned and your favorite TV episode that takes forever to complete. But it’s quality moments of learning and growth that you taught them. 

Motherhood is endless sunburns because you applied the last of the bottle to their tiny arms and legs or simply forgot your own.

Motherhood is countless germs as you lick your thumb to wipe the smudge off the corner of their lip or catch their puke in your hands. 

Motherhood is sleepless nights because you fight off monsters and sing lullabies, or pour that glass of water at 2 a.m.

Motherhood is compassion, love, and learning. Motherhood is patience, trust, and acceptance. Motherhood is tackling fears, making sacrifices, and trusting your instinct. 

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It’s caring for another soul so intensely your own wants to go astray. But motherhood is realizing that your grilled cheese sandwich, with the crust cut off, is exactly what you wanted because your heart is completely full. 

Jen Feener

Jen Feener is a wife, mother, public school teacher, travel concierge, and children’s author. Born and raised in Massachusetts, she spends her time playing with her daughters, exploring nature, crafting and making messes in the kitchen. Seeking the adventure in each day, she strives to capture that adventure in her writing.