Oh, how a boy needs his mama.

And that need goes much deeper than cooking, cleaning, and laundry.

Oh yes. The need is far greater.

A boy needs the prayers of his mama. Needs the respect of his momma. Needs the support of his mama.

So often I catch myself feeling that I am only needed for simple survival. For clean clothes or a fresh supper.

Sometimes I feel like all I’m needed for is to drive him around or to make sure he goes to bed on time.

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Like he doesn’t really need me for anything other than to just keep him alive.

But that is simply not true.

Our boys need their mamas.

They need the back scratches, stern looks, and the small waves and slight smiles that their friends don’t notice.

They need our I love yous, our respect, and those hard moments as we slowly let them go.

A boy needs his mama to be happy when he is happy and sad when he is sad.

To make his favorite meal “just because” but also to teach him how to clean it up when he’s done eating.

To take a step back when he needs space, and to be available when he doesn’t.

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They need us to embarrass them just enough to keep them on their toes, but not enough that they truly dislike our presence.

To set boundaries and keep them. But also willingly trust him as he gains more freedom.

Oh yes, this job of being a boy mom is so much bigger than just feeding them and doing their laundry and keeping them alive.

A boy needs his mama to speak so much love and life and Jesus into him that the darkness of the world doesn’t put out his light.

To not just pray for him but to also pray with him.

To set an example of how a Godly woman lives.

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To see us acknowledge our own flaws as we show them the importance of continually striving to let Jesus’ grace cover us, save us, and transform us.

Oh, yes, a boy needs his mama.

A need that is so much bigger than just keeping them alive.

And his mama needs her boy just as much.

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Ashley Bufe

Ashley Bufe is a Jesus lovin' wife and momma of 4 energetic boys. She blogs at www.myhousefullofboys.com in hopes that she can uplift and inspire other mommas to let them know that they are special and chosen by God to be momma. And that they are doing a great job! Be sure to find her on Facebook and Instagram.