“Momma, come sit with me!”

Then she sits RIGHT next to me for breakfast and lunch and dinner or while we watch cartoons or read books or when we all line up on the couch for a movie.

“Momma, can I sit on your lap?”

Then she plops down on my lap while I try to sit ANYWHERE doing ANYTHING.

“Momma, will you play babies with me?”

Then she gives detailed instructions about what each baby should SAY and exactly how to play RIGHT.

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“Momma, can I help you do that?”

Then I wait patiently next to the dishwasher while she painstakingly unloads each glass. Or next to the washer while she deliberately moves each wet item into the dryer one by one.

“Momma, can I come with you?”

Then I talk to her through the bathroom door or I talk to her through the shower curtain or I finally just give up and let her GET IN the shower with me.

“Momma, what are you doing?”

Then she picks out which shirt I should wear and voices her approval or disapproval of each outfit then sits on the bathroom counter watching me put on make-up and asks to smell each item.

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“Momma, where are you?”

“Momma, will you carry me?”

“Momma, I just NEED you!!!”

“Momma, will you lay with me?”

“Momma, snuggle me for two more minutes!”


She follows me everywhere I go.

She wants to be by my side for every single minute of every single day.


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And sometimes (just sometimes), I need a MINUTE.

A breather.

A moment to myself.

Sometimes I think . . . I just need a BREAK!!!

But then, sometimes (just sometimes), I lie next to her at bedtime in the dark, and she wraps both arms tightly around my neck.

Then with our faces pressed together and her hot breath tickling my nose she whispers, “Momma we’re best friends, right?”

I smile and reply, “We ARE best friends, sweetheart,” as I thank God for the millionth time for this precious little girl.

My daughter.

This post originally appeared on Ordinary on Purpose, by Mikala Albertson


Mikala Albertson

I’m Mikala. I married my high school sweetheart almost 17 years ago and I’m a (mostly) stay-at-home Family Practice doctor raising four boys and a little girl. I write about the simple, everyday, ordinary events of my life’s journey because I think LIFE happens in the ordinary (and even awful and chaotic!). I try so hard to just be ordinary, on purpose.