One day you’ll realize you are serving them whole chicken nuggets instead of cutting them each into four pieces.
One day instead of a bath they will want to shower, then you’ll look back and realize their last night time bath was months ago.
One day you will realize that the last night they slept in their crib was the day before.

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One day you’ll realize that their car seat is no longer facing backward and you don’t need that little rearview mirror on the headrest anymore.
One day you will realize that you haven’t given them a childproof water bottle in three weeks.

One day you will miss brushing their teeth for them because now they can do it themselves.

One day you will see them take their own seatbelt off and they don’t need your help anymore.

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You never know when the last day of a precious phase will be, so embrace having to help them a little more, embrace it taking longer to prepare one of their meals, embrace all the effort it takes to get them in and out of the tub because before you know it that phase will be gone and they will be just a little bit bigger and a little bit more independent.

Steph Wilson

Steph was born and raised in Connecticut, is a twin boy mama, proud wifey to her dream guy, and is passionate about fitness, wellness and family. She is a crew chief in the United States Air Force Reserves and she loves working out, hiking, sports, being outdoors and her favorite hobby is training for and running Spartan races! She is a big believer in empowering and encouraging other women to be the best version of themselves and breaking through their comfort zones to grow everyday and know they're not alone.