This week my kiddos and I are spending a “Stay-cation” with my mom and dad.

Mom mom is an avid gardner. Each morning the kids get to help “Nana” water the flowers. So, my Pinspiration this week is something for the garden.

I’ve always wanted to make one of these stones for my mom. I bought a package deal at Walmart, but it was just Plaster of Paris (which would dissolve in the rain). When I saw this one ‘pinned’ we ran right out for the supplies.


Yhe plates we chose to break


Bag of Moarter
Some kind of decoration. 
      We used broken plates from Goodwill. You could also use rocks, beads, sea shells, anything that won’t get moldy/ruined in the elements outside.
A small round aluminum cake pan
Plastic wrap


Break the plates if you’re using them.
Mix the moarter according to the package
Line the cake pans with plastic wrap (so the moarter doesn’t stick to the cake pan)
Fill the pan with moarter
Let Dry overnight

 Here are some shots of our fun:

Breaking Glass
Putting in foot prints (We put plastic wrap over the moarter to keep little feet clean)
Finised Products. Decorated by our 3 year old.
Here’s a link to one that is a little more difficult for those without kids (or with older kids.)

Jen Sill

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