My husband always dreamed he would have boys. He wanted two boys, exactly two and that’s just what he would have. That’s just the way it would be. He would have boys that would follow him around, learn everything he knows, want to be just like him, they would get dirty, be fearless, they would hunt and they would play football.

I know God surely looked down at him with a smile, chuckled, and said, “No, my son. Girls! You will have girls! And they will be the cutest girls you could ever imagine.”

Each and every time we went to the hospital to deliver, we heard the words, “It’s a girl!” I would smile and laugh. He would smile, laugh and shake his head.

Girls. He got a house full of girls and everything that came with them. The pinks and purples, Barbies, baby dolls, princess dresses, movies, and shoes.

He got tiaras, glitter, hair bows, fancy shoes, dresses, nail polish, and make-up.

He got the drama, the tears, the hugs and kisses, the cuddles, and the giggles.

He got dance nights, slumber parties, tea parties, date nights and girl talk.

He got to have himself wrapped around each of their little fingers.

He got to be the first man that they will ever love.

God knew my husband needed girls.

They were all he ever needed and they happen to be exactly what he wanted.

God gave him girls who follow him around everywhere. They want to know what he is doing and if they can go along. Somedays they spend all day with him. They are right beside him every step of the way.

Those girls want to know everything he knows. Their questions are endless and they want to know all the details. They want Daddy to teach them. He is the one with all the answers.

They want to be just like Daddy.

They want to be as strong as him, as tall as him, as fast as him, as smart as him. They want to do the things he does, just like he does.

Those girls get dirty! They are not afraid to get into the dirt and mud. They actually go looking for it. They jump in and help with the messiest jobs and proudly show off their dirty hands.

They are fearless in the one thing that matters: they aren’t afraid to tell people about Jesus. With their little hearts of faith, they tell the good news. They want everyone to know what they know.

Those girls are his hunting buddies. They put on their camo, orange, and binoculars, and climb right up in the tree with Daddy. They practice the deer calls and rattle those antlers like he showed them. They point out the deer and smile ear to ear. They enjoy every little bit of nature just like he does.

They may not play football, but they sure like to cheer on his football team. They get excited for those touchdowns and interceptions. And they’ll go to the big games with him. They’ll sit right beside him, watching the game he loves, with the ones he loves.

He will get his boy one day. Someday he’ll get to walk those girls down the aisle. And that . . . that is the day God intended for him to get his son. And that will be one of the hardest days for him. He will hand off those girls God gave him, those girls he was given instead of boys.

His family is not at all like he pictured it would be. God made it better. God made it picture perfect.

He got everything he needed and could have wanted in those girls. And he wouldn’t trade any one of them for a boy. 

Dad with his three daughters and hair bows

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Melinda Tietsort

Melinda is a married, mother of three girls. She works as a Physical Therapist Assistant, lives in rural Northwest Iowa and enjoys the farm life. She is a Christian and is trying to live the life God intends for her. She offers Christian encouragement and inspiration to others on her blog, "Pursuing a Christ-Centered Life." Follow it at: