You know that saying, “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.” I’ve been thinking a lot about what being a regular mom means to me lately.

A regular mom sacrifices her mind and body.

A regular mom sacrifices her sleep.

A regular mom sacrifices her time and energy.

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A regular mom gets up every morning even though all she really wants to do is stay rolled up in the sheets.

Regular moms can’t take sick days. We parent through colds, the stomach flu, mental wellness struggles, and serious medical conditions.

Regular moms make meals, drive all over town, and power through bath and bedtimes. 

Regular moms kiss owies and snuggle grumpy or teething children. 

Shout out to the regular moms doing all the cool thingsregular moms making memories for their children. 

A regular mom sometimes sacrifices her dreams or creates new ones to fit her family. 

I know I did, and for my babies, I would do it all over again. 

A regular mom picks up the phone even if it’s the third time they’ve called that day. 

A regular mom washes the laundry, cleans the kitchen, and asks you to pick up after yourself.

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A regular mom loves you unconditionally. 

A regular mom is honest with you, teaches you, and pushes you to be a better human. 

A regular mom thinks the world of you, is proud of your accomplishments, and gets sad when you are sad. 

A regular mom will hold you as long as she can. 

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Regular moms want nothing more than to protect you from the world but also to watch you grow in it. 

A regular mom laughs with you, cries with you, and rejoices with you. 

A regular mom won’t give up on you.

I will always be a regular mom. I will be there for my childrendoing all these things and more. 

It may not always seem that way to our kids, but we regular moms? We’re actually just cool moms in disguise.

We are all cool moms doing regular mom things. 

Penelope Larsen

Penélope is a mama originally from the Dominican Republic. She grew up in Virginia and has lived in Hawaii and Idaho with her husband, and now their children. She aims to share positivity and realness as she navigates her motherhood journey.