The child-rearing years. When you’re in them, it’s hard to see.

Past the attitudes.

Past the tantrums.

Past the whining.

Past the pouting.

Past the late nights.

Past the early mornings.

Past the sleepless nights.

Past the spilled milk.

Past the training and correction.

Past repeating yourself over and over again.

And so often, I’ve caught myself wishing away the time.

Wishing it was Friday.

Wishing it was summer.

Wishing for a vacation.

Wishing for a break.

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Wishing so much that I literally wrote a note to self that says . . .

I’ll one day write how awesome it has been to be home 24/7 with my kids and how much of a blessing, privilege, and honor is has been to homeschool them.

How honorable it has been to put aside self and career for such a time as this. And how I listened to the call of God to do so. And how I would not have changed it for the entire world.

And how it was all worth it.

One day.

But until then, I will continue to pray for that day. I will continue to be thankful in advance for that day.

When I appreciate the child-rearing, homeschool years.

But when you’re in them . . . it is hard to see.

That what you teach them now will set them on the right path for their tomorrows.

That you will miss the mundaneness of the day to day in just being in the same room with them.

That you will miss the sound of their voices and laughter, no matter how loud.

That one day, the nest will be empty and all that remains will be memories of the days that once were.

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Because when you’re in them . . . it is hard to see.

How you can enjoy life right NOW while the kids are still young and in your fold.

How you can position yourself to enjoy this season before the time slips away and you are unable to recover the time missed.

So for now just breathe . . .

Slow down.

Count your blessings instead of your problems.

Take time for rest, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Find the GOOD in the moment.

Because when you’re in them . . . it is hard to see.

It’s hard to see that you GET to be with your kids.

You get to teach them.

You get to spend these precious moments with them.

You get to watch them grow.

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You get to nurture relationships with them.

So let our prayer be, Lord help me to see even now the life full of blessings I’m living in. Right now.

But I know you get it.

Because when you’re in them . . . it’s hard to see.

Natasha Smith

Natasha is a wife, mom, and an engineer turned homeschooler. An inspirational speaker and lifestyle content creator and a lover of Jesus, coffee, and Disney. Her mission is to inspire others to do life better.