I was recently asked for the millionth time if we are going to try for a boy. I’m not sure we are going to have another child but if we do, we will be trying for a baby—not a boy or a girl. I guess I feel the question insinuates that having all boys or all girls is not enough. But it just doesn’t feel that way.

I have been blessed with two little girls who have changed my world forever. They have taught me patience, unconditional love, and perseverance. They have brought challenges, joy, and sincerity to my life. They have blessed me with all the experiences children bring, regardless of their gender. 

My husband really gets hassled about the need to have a boy. But I realize these people simply have not witnessed the bond between a daddy and his little girls.

I get to watch my tough, soldier husband wear tiaras and drink tea with two little ladies who love him with every ounce of their being. My daughters also gear up in their football jerseys and can define what a fumble is. Their excitement when he walks in the door is unlike their reaction for anyone else. And his excitement is mutual.

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I’m not sure when society became obsessed with the notion that every family has to be made up of exactly one boy and one girl. There is certainly magic in that, but there is magic in having same-gender siblings as well. How do I know? Because I have witnessed it on a regular basis since having my second little girl.

I watch my girls’ little heads come together as they make each other belly laugh, and I know there is nothing more perfect in this world. I get to pull out the clothes I swear my oldest daughter was just wearing and dress her younger sister in them. I watch my older daughter ensure that other girls include her younger sister at the playground, and I have seen my youngest daughter who is barely two lay her head on her sister when she is upset. When one of them is sick the other watches over like a mother hen.

Adding a second little girl to our family reminded me that once again, God’s plan is so much better than our own.

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My girls are each other’s best friends and also drive each other crazy on a regular basis, just as siblings tend to do. Even though my daughters are over two and a half years apart they get engrossed in some of the same things, which makes everything even more fun. They get a kick out of the same characters, egging on an eruption of giggles. We prepped for Frozen 2 for months, both of them escalating and matching each other’s excitement each time we watched the trailer. They also both share an affinity for making bike ramps out of anything they can get their hands on.

What I have found throughout the last two years is that the perfect fit is exactly what God intends for it to be. And two baby girls are exactly perfect for this family of four.

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Tiffany Yoder

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