My daughter had her end of the year preschool picnic this week.

One of her classmates brought an adorable homemade dessert. Her father was in attendance, mom was home with a new baby. Like, one-week-old new.

I’m hedging my bets that mom was responsible for that dessert. And her toddler’s perfectly-braided hair. And adorable outfit.

You couldn’t see her mom. But she was there.

Moms are always there.

They’re the thank you notes, the hostess gifts, they instill the manners that live on past childhood.

Every time you hear excuse me and please, you’re getting a glimpse of a mother.

They’re signed permission slips and washed uniforms.

They pack the bags for the trips they don’t take. They’re the bug spray and bandaids you didn’t think to bring.

They make homemade desserts or they remember to pick up pre-made cupcakes from Kroger.

Moms might not always be the life of the party, but they’re the life force behind it.

They’re the pep talk before a big interview.

They knit confidence and compassion into their children before they set them out for the world.

Even when they’re at home with new babies, or at work, moms show up.

We don’t know any other way.

This post originally appeared on I’m That Wife: Marriage & Motherhood

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Scarlett Longstreet

Scarlett Longstreet is a stay-at-home mom, retired bartender, and wife. She lives in a suburb of Detroit with her husband and girl gang; toddler plus infant twins. You can follow her on Instagram