Dear son,

I prayed for you before you were born. I prayed for your arrival. I pray with you before meals and bedtime. But I also pray for you alone. See, you made me a mama, son. You first introduced me to what it felt like to have my heart run around outside my body.

Being a mother fills me with so much love and adoration, but to be truthful, it also fills me with fear. Fear I won’t do well enough to raise you right. That I won’t successfully guide you away from the ugly parts of the world.

So I pray for you, dear son.

I pray for your life. That you may grow to know our Heavenly Father in ways deeper than I do. I pray you never lose your spirit. I pray for you to have strength but also a soft heart. I pray you will be blessed with compassion and kindness. That you won’t fear what the world may bring to you, but you will embrace your life and use your gifts to bring happiness to yourself and the world. I pray you will know the spirit of giving, and why it is so much more special than receiving.

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Son, I pray you will be like your Father. Strong, brave, courageous, and fearless. But also wise. Wise enough to know the difference between right and wrong, and to always feel led to do something about it.

My love, I pray as you get older, you’ll find a godly woman to be your partner.

Someone to encourage you, to push you to be better every day, to lift you up when you are down, and to love you unconditionally. And I pray you do the same for her. I pray you will be the spiritual leader in your home. Forever guiding your family toward the hope that Jesus represents.

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As a young boy now, I always pray you will never lose your joy.

Daily, we face trials and tribulations that your innocent soul is still so unaware of, but I pray with my whole heart, that your circumstances will never steal that joy. When you feel down, I pray you will turn to prayer. I watch you now, folding your tiny hands as we pray, and I hope I’m guiding you well enough.

I pray I can be an example, but that you will surpass me in every way.

I pray you will become a man of integrity, truth, perseverance, and love.

Dear son, I pray you will surround yourself with good friends to walk with you and support you. 

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My boy, you and your sister are my entire world. I hope my prayers and my cries for your heart will be enough. 

Never forget how loved you are—by your parents and your family, but mostly, by our Savior.

Megan J

Megan is a newly working mom, juggling through figuring out the whole career-life-plus police wife balance. A mom of two toddlers plus two bonus teenagers, she's always on the move and surrounded by lots of love. Although, this special way of life brings challenges, she has learned the only way to get through it, is to lean on Christ.