Dear stay-at-home moms,

After one week of isolation, I wanted to tell you that you are the real MVPs of motherhood. I know I will probably get some backlash from everyone but listen here, you are my heroes! I’m a working mom. I teach middle school science and at 3:00, I clock out of that job and clock in to my second job of being a mommy. Some days I am completely exhausted by time I arrive at my second job but with dinner, homework, playtime, and bed, the night goes by pretty quickly.

When our governor said schools would be closed for two weeks I had big plans. I wanted to clean out the closets, deep clean the house, donate items, and watch some serious television. This was going to be a nice relaxing break while hunkered down due to the pandemic. But by the weekend, I accomplished zero of those items on my to-do list minus the television. I’ve now listened to Frozen 2 so many times, I think I’m from Arendelle at this point.

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From the moment my kids woke up, it was if I’d laced up my tennis shoes for a marathon.

I’ve been cooking, cleaning, changing diapers, and completing school work day in and day out. I’ve had to search for ways to entertain them throughout the day so their brains don’t rot on technology. I’ve eaten the crumbs from their plates as lunch. I took a shower but I never once actually got ready because I didn’t have time to. This week I went to bed more exhausted than working the whole week. Just when I thought I had a pattern down, the little tiny monsters would come at me from a different angle. The bickering, the fighting, the craziness and guess what another month of isolation and NO END in sight!

SAHMs, you are my heroes because you do this daily. You give all of yourselves to your children every single day. After one week, I realize you rarely get a break, eat a full meal, or have the chance to get dressed and you wake up the next morning and do this again. You don’t get a chance to close the office door, clock out, or gossip with colleagues.

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I hear SAHMs say, “I’m just a stay-at-home mom!”

Sister, you are so much more than that.

You are a mom, teacher, worship leader, grocery grabber, entertainer of the year, and an amazing individual. You are the heart of your children’s physical, social, and emotional well-being and what an awesome job that it.

SAHMs, I know I’m not cut out for this job but I’m glad I get a glimpse of what your daily life looks like. You really do work way harder than I do and you are the unsung heroes of the century.

Friends, if you know a stay-at-home mom, buy her some wine or ice cream, because I know now after spending a week in their shoes, SHE DESERVES IT!

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