Dear mama,

Please know that you are not alone.

There are many of us out there feeling defeated.



Questioning our decisions and if we are doing enough.

Feeling broken and like every day you’re trying to put the pieces back together.

Constantly feeling like you can’t possibly get through another tough day.

Just thinking about it starts to consume you and tears start filling your eyes.

Please trust me when I say, “I get it.”

I’m in the trenches with you.

I’m fighting the good fight right beside you.

I’m in your corner not letting you give up.

I’m crying with you sitting on your living room floor.

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I’m hugging you and reassuring you that you WILL get through this.

I’m holding your hands and praying with you, asking Him to give you strength when you are feeling weak.

As moms, I think we feel things more intensely than most.

Sometimes I think it’s a blessing and a curse.

But one thing I know for certain:

Is that we NEVER give up.

We keep going.

We keep pushing through the hard days.

We keep swimming even though the current seems to be pulling us in the opposite direction.

So if you’re reading this and today is one of those days . . . 

I want you to repeat after me:


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Now take a good look in the mirror and know that the person staring back at you is NOT failing.

YOU are doing an amazing job.

YOU are a good mom.

And you will get through this.

You are stronger than you think, my friend. 

And this too shall pass.

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Christina Abernethy

Christina is a dedicated wife, mother of three, and passionate advocate for people impacted by disabilities. She is committed to spreading a message of heightened awareness and acceptance of differences, ultimately inspiring hope. Christina enjoys connecting with others through her blog and Facebook page, Love Hope and Autism. She is also proud to be the coordinator for Changing Spaces Pennsylvania, a movement to build accessible restrooms with powered height adjustable adult-sized changing tables to promote inclusion. She is a two-time best selling co-author, most recently including You Are Not Alone: Stories, Resources and Hope from Autism Moms.