Leave it to Budweiser to get us all choked up. 

The brewing giant released a minute-long spot called “One Team” that’s a brilliant, heartfelt nod to both sports and the everyday heroes of life as we know it today. 

The mostly black-and-white commercial opens with shots of an empty stadium, empty seats (especially poignant on Opening Day), and empty streets. The voiceover begins as a shot of a healthcare worker in blue scrubs washing her hands comes onto the screen, followed by a shot of American Red Cross workers, and a teacher doing a livestream from her living room. 

“This Bud’s for the Blues . . . the Reds . . . and the Warriors.” 

As the video continues, the names of familiar sports teams are paired with images of everyday heroes like deliverymen, transit workers, police officers, and quarantined people on balconies. 

Give it a watch below and just try not to get emotional: 

The Magic, the Athletics, the Giants, the Jazz, the Trailblazers, the Braves, the Yankees, the Angels—I don’t think any of us will think of those team names the same way again. 

And we all feel like part of the home team this season, that’s for sure. 

Budweiser also announced it’s shifting $5 million dollars normally spent on sports investments to help with relief efforts like blood drives in empty stadiums and donating air time for public service announcements. 

It’s all a great example of the way sports—even in the absence of games—continues to bring us all together. 

Well done, Budweiser. This one’s perfection. 

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