The question I’ve heard since our first son was born:

Are you trying for a girl?

And again after our second son.

Are you trying for a girl?

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And again after little brother joined the pack.

Are you trying for a girl?

And as my entourage of little men has grown, that question still comes up.

And my answer is still the same:

I’m grateful for who I’ve got.

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I appreciate the conversation starter, but I want to make sure each of my sons knows that he is exactly who I was praying for.

He is who I’m still praying for.

Each of our boys is irreplaceable.

Each of our boys was given to us to raise up to better this world.

Each of our boys has a unique purpose.

Each of our boys makes our family whole.

And the next time someone jokes that we need a girl, I’ll kindly remind them—I am the girl.

Until we welcome precious daughters-in-love one day, I get to be the princess.

And I get to be surrounded by so much handsome.

More than I could’ve ever dreamed of.

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No, we’re not trying for a girl.

We’re forever grateful for these boys we’ve been given.

So very grateful.

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