Faith Journal

Mustard Seed Moment

Written by Christine Carter

I stretch my hands

From fists they spread

To the skies

With what I have


I give you all

I have to give


My mustard seed.


Trembling with the agony

Of feeling so much apathy

I hold this tiny seed

With all I have.


You say this seed moves mountains

Push back what’s blocking me

You promise that your truth will come

To all who want to see…


Move this mountain for me.

Open up my view

Show me you adore me

Reveal to me you’re you…

The valley’s shadows darken

Empty, I concede

I’m parched , I’m hungry for the proof

To once again believe


Desert life is lifeless

Barren burdens lie

This dried up land, is where I stand

Do you hear my cry?


Stuck I plead, fixed in this place

I come to you in my disgrace

With all I have, with all I face

I hold this tiny seed.


Open up your heavens

And rain your spirit down.

Soak me in your power

Let me see your crown.


I batter questions in my mind

Thrashing waves of righteousness

Pull me under heavy shame

My heart it longs for piousness


You say this seed moves mountains

Push back what’s blocking me

You promise that your truth will come

To all who want to see…


I beg you please to show your face

I need to see your hand

Share with me the mystery

So I can understand.


This nomad heart is floundering

Help me find your home

Open up the door for me

I’m knocking as I roam


Break the chains of questioning

The ground on which I stand

Soak your Spirit into me

Seal my heart again


Mercy break my bondage

Offer me relief

Take my seed and fill me

Heal my unbelief.


I’m trapped inside

This small cocoon

Can’t see beyond my wall

Await I will, my faith stands still

Transform me through it all.


So I can come before you

Fall down on my knees

Praise you and adore you

Oh, grow my mustard seed.


I stretch my hands

From fists they spread

To the skies

With what I have

I give you all

I have to give


My mustard seed.



About the author

Christine Carter

Chris Carter is a SAHM of two pretty amazing kids. She has been writing at for six years, where she hopes to encourage mothers everywhere through her humor, inspiration and faith. You can also find her work on For Every Mom, Blunt Moms, Sammiches and Psych Meds, Mamapedia, Her View From Home, Huffington Post, MomBabble, and Scary Mommy. She is the author of “Help and Hope While You’re Healing: A woman’s guide toward wellness while recovering from injury, surgery, or illness.”


  • Christine!!!!!! Your mustard seed post is absolutely stunning, no doubt these are God breathed words flowing through you gifted by God! They sing like a psalm and torch the soul with yearning and might,swept by the a holy spirit wind, a cry out for God to come! My gosh, find a composer to put instruments to this divi, song, hymn, story, poe it is simply BEAUTIFUL, so BEAUTIFUL! You are gifted! So gorgeousssssssss!

    • Oh precious friend, you have brought me to tears with your response! This was inspired in the dark of the night- alone and wondering and wrestling with it all. Your words are so affirming and encouraging to me! And yes, I thought it was a bit lyrical in it’s creation. Perhaps born from my song writing days a while back! It feels like a song or something similar to me too- I love LOVE your descriptions of it. Oh, how grateful I am for you!!

    • Thank you so much Traci. You are so right… He continues to answer in such unique and Divinely creative ways. I’m blessed. <3

    • Thank you so much, my friend. It is truly comforting. I was worried I might regret sharing this, but each time I read it- I feel more and more comforted and at peace with it. Next time I’m in this place, I will remind myself of this peace. There is no shame in anything we offer to Christ. I’m so grateful for that truth.

  • Beautiful, Chris and couldn’t agree more with God always being a constant and never wavering or changing. thanks for the amazing reminder here today, my sweet friend! <3

  • Lo, and we must stand
    In shame, beset to drown
    Our heart, our soul, our hopes
    As bathed before the Crown
    We see all our iniquities
    Our lack, our fail, our sin
    Oh Lord, we’ve cast you out
    So we could let the shadows in.
    We stand enrobed in righteousness
    We never could have earned
    Our Father’s hands reach welcome
    According to what’s learned
    And yet that tiny, strangling doubt
    The fear that yet prevails
    We cannot reach and touch his palms
    For us, struck through with nails
    Therefore we reach and take the robe
    Removing it forthwith
    Blinded, bitter, blockading
    His power to forgive.

    • Did you write that? I bet you wrote that. You are AMAZING, whether you did or not.

      I think your faith is much stronger than you think, love. You’ll see. I know He does.

      • I wrote it in response to what you wrote. You inspired me. You made me poem!

        My faith won’t quit, you know that, but I’m still never sure it’s enough. I cling to the boat. I refuse to commit. I fall, I fall, I fall…so often on purpose. πŸ™

      • I KNEW IT. You brilliant poet you! Geez. Way to show me UP! lol πŸ™‚

        I love your honesty- always have from the day we connected. There’s something so beautiful about it, and you. I know you struggle with it all- and fall you may- even on purpose… But He’ll never stop loving you and He’ll never change. I know you know that- but I hope you feel it too. I want so badly for you to feel it too. <3

      • Oh rubbish! Your poem was BEAUTIFUL, Kitty, and I loved it. That’s WHY it inspired me – because it spoke profoundly to very deep bits of me. It’s WONDERFUL and you’re amazing. :p

        And…*sigh* I’m glad you find my honesty a plus, because quite frankly, I feel it could do with all the goodnesses it can find. That said, there’s comfort in knowing for sure I’m never beyond His love. Just…I know I make Him sad, and I don’t care about that enough to change. THAT’S the bit which makes me *something*… I need that prayer – Lord, help me in my unbelief.

      • Oh sweetie, you’re not as far from Him as you think. You care enough to be thinking about it all, and to be revealing your heart in that profound poem. He has gifted you with depth and awareness and compassion that comes straight from Him. I have every hope you will reconcile once again. He is in you- always. Acknowledging that brings great power and hope for the rest to come… in time. <3

      • Awh thanks so much @[email protected]_johnson:disqus Chris did absolutely amazingly, and it just…I guess it got to me and made poetry happen. I’m better with poems when I don’t know how to put my feelings into words (if that makes sense)

  • Oh my. Where do I even begin here? Your gorgeous prose and the passion and love within has unearthed something that’s been going on in me and within my faith/lack there of for quite some time. This:

    I beg you please to show your face

    I need to see your hand

    Share with me the mystery

    So I can understand.

    Right? There is tremendous suffering all around, not only out there in the world, but in the hearts and bodies of those I intimately know and deeply love. I pray and pray and pray and pray to what seems to no avail much of the time. To what meets the eye anyway, not a whole lot has changed or improved in their situations. And so, sometimes, my prayers and hope begin to fade. As you wrote: I need to see His face, I need to see His hand.

    And then, I read this from you: “I give you all I have to give – My mustard seed” and I have to ask myself: Do I give all I have to give? The answer to that is piercing for me, because I know how far I’ve drifted from surrendering and trust. Reading your words this morning, though, a prayer really, brought me closer in. Thank you.

    • Oh Julie, your response to my words is truly a blessing to me. I’m so glad this touched you so deeply. I understand your heart and your struggle. Surrendering and trusting is a challenge I can so relate to… It’s so very difficult to imagine God’s vision in THIS world. Faith in what we cannot see is the greatest challenge of our humanity…

      May we both keep believing in His Greatness and His Plan despite being unable to see it at times. I pray He gives us both a window that reveals His Presence in it all. <3

    • Kenya, I’m just so glad this moved you. It’s amazing how affirming it is to have others understand moments like these that are so profound. I tried to capture it as best I could. <3

    • OH gosh Kathy! Really? You are so sweet to say that. I would love to at least put this to music. Back in my song writing days, I would have sat at the piano and created a song with these words. I may work on that someday… <3

  • Beautiful! Seriously you need to publish a book of this poetry, or have someone set it to music. I can feel it settle in my spirit and it wants to be heard.