Written & Photographed by Andrea Kelley @Nebraska Sky 

If you ask someone who is not from Nebraska, “What do you think of this state?” They might talk about how Nebraska is flat, or how the drive on I-80 is a bit boring.

However, I love Nebraska. I grew up on a cattle ranch northwest of Pleasanton. I think people who are raised in a rural area typically really appreciate nature.

I really enjoy seeing big cumulus clouds and beautiful sunsets. It was wonderful to wake up in the morning to the sound of cows mooing and birds singing.

When I was working in the pasture I would often catch glimpses of prairie dogs, red-winged black birds and meadowlarks.

©Andrea_Kelley_sunflower_road©Andrea_Kelley_GateThere were two different abandoned houses near where I was raised. There is an abandoned house on the north side of Litchfield.
This gate is in front of that house, beckoning curious visitors to come and explore.©Andrea_Kelley_Bales©Andrea_Kelley_Ainsworth_Turbines copy

The largest wind farm in Nebraska is located at Ainsworth.

There are 36 wind turbines that are on 230 foot towers.

It is an impressive sight to see while driving to Ainsworth.

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Andrea Kelley

Andrea is a fine art photographer who specialized in taking pictures of classic cars and rural Nebraska landscapes. To see more of her photography visit Pictures Of Nebraska. She also is the founder of a video website called Slideshows For Homes. Andrea helps people create real estate videos to assist them with selling their homes.