Written by Jennifer Sill

Each week I try out a project I see on Pinterest. Sometimes they work out great, other times they don’t. I just want to let you all know which ones the ‘average’ mom and 3-year old can accomplish. 

This week I was really excited about the idea. My inlaws are MAJOR into fishing. This would be an amazing game for my kiddos to have. I’m also SUPER excited about using a bunch of single socks whose partners mysteriously disappeared in my laundry.

Check it out:

Sock Fishing Game.  Here’s the Pinspiration:

My Pinspiration Picture

It was posted from CheekyMonkeyParty.com.  This particular post doesn’t exist anymore so I simply went to the website. This idea is actually just a picture of a game they offer for birtday parties. I made up the instructions. I have some suggestions of things I could have done better along the way this time.


*A pile of socks (new, used, matched or unmatched)

*Rubber bands (The smaller the better. I used TINY ones that I had for my 3-year-old’s hair. Sold at Walmart or Dollar Tree)

*Stuffing (I used quilt batting. I also used a couple of the “not-so-nice” socks. Depends on how fancy you want to go)

*Googly Eyes

*Magnets (Found in the craft isle at Walmart. I believe you could use old washers if you have a big magnet for the ‘hook’)

*Glue Gun/Glue

*Stick (One from a tree would work)


*A big magnet for the ‘hook’


1. Put magnet or washer in the sock.

2. Tie the rubber band around it like fish ‘lips’.

3. Stuff.

4. Tie off the end of the fish with a rubber band or with a big knot – depending on the material of the sock. (You could also jazz it up a bit with a ribbon here.)

5. Place googly eyes on the fish with hot glue. Repeat for as many ‘fish’ as you want.

6. For the ‘fishing pole’, simply tie yarn to a stick. As bait, tie the big magnet to the end of your yarn. Use a shorter stick and shorter yarn for younger kiddos.

Madison fishing with her new game

My daughter (3 years old) wanted to help make the fish, but there wasn’t much she could do. She did SOME of the stuffing. However, when it was all finished, she and daddy had a blast ‘catching’ the fish. I’m sure she’ll have even more fun when the weather isn’t so nice and it is an ‘indoor’ game. (She got a little distracted by the swings and the bubble lawn mower. ha!) 

I would suggest doing this with a caution – as an art project do it with older kids.

Suggestions for better fish:

*Buy NEW socks. There are some SUPER cute ones out there. You could even make this a ‘matching game’ for young kids.

*Notice the ‘Pinspiration’ picture used button eyes – cuter for a gift set.

*If you’re doing this for younger kids, do it some night in a 1/2 hour after the kids have gone to bed and surprise them with a fun game in the morning.

*Sew fins on the bottom and top of the fish.

Final breakdown:

Availability of Supplies: 7
(Not all of them in my house, but they were cheap and easy to find.)

Ease of Project: 7.5
(Easy for Moms. Not so easy for 3-year-olds.)

Finished Project: 10 
(Fun use for basic ‘trash’ in my house.)

The fish look a little like pigs. If I could sew, I might add  ‘fins’ on the top and bottom of the fish.


(First posted 5-2012)

Jen Sill

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