Written by Catrina Gray @ 2 in 1 Photography

I’m a student of photography, our assignments are to take as many pictures as we can through out the week with different settings like aperture, focus, and ISO. I’ve always loved how the Nebraska sun hits the earth, illuminating the crystals in the snow and this week’s inspiration was just that.


 I love how the light hits on the iced fence and brings out the crystal in the snow.


This image was taken on my side mirrors from my car. I was on my way to church and found these just waiting to be taken. The white flakes are the same just a different angle.  


white flakes


I love how the light hits on the iced fence and brings out the crystal in the snow.

Catrina Gray

Inspiration sparks imagination. Imagination sparks creation. Creation leaves a legacy that inspires the same creative cycle to repeat itself. Every image has a story. Every photographer is a visual storyteller. It is through their stories that they capture through their lens that inspire people. In today's technological world, the organic essence of life experience seems to be vanishing virtually before our eyes. Life is not meant to be experienced vicariously. My hope is that by sharing my images, they will inspire actual adventure, awareness and empathy. Through my photography I intend to share the beauty of the character of the people I encounter, and ultimately help my clients achieve their vision. My on going mission is to explore the limits of the camera, constantly strive for new solutions and ultimately to create images that inspire, provoke thoughts. evoke emotion and rekindle the natural spirit.