If you’re feeling nostalgic for the drama and intrigue of your fifth grade computer lab class, Target has a solution. According to a report by the Chicago Tribune, Oregon Trail has made a triumphant return, but this time instead of slowly appearing in greens and blacks on your grainy monitor, it’s moved to your kitchen table. Now you can introduce your children to the joys of successfully fording a river and the sorrows of dying a premature death of dysentery. 

Although nothing may compare to the thrill of including your math class crush’s name in your fictional traveling party, this looks like a fun way to confuse your kids about how old you actually are. You played this on a computer, Mom? And it was how big? So did you actually travel by oxen to this school?

When members of your party die, there is a way to memorize them through headstones, just like in the original game. But unlike the original, there’s no chance the kids in the class after you will see the coded message you left on a headstone indicating Jennifer’s new love interest or your admiration for Jeff’s MacGyver-style mullet. This will provide a new way to explain to your children how in the days before smartphones, we had to be more covert with our cross-class communication.

This game continues to be an entertaining way to learn about the hardships and tough choices made by the original travelers of the Oregon Trail and should be a fun trip down memory lane for the rest of us. May your wagon wheels be sturdy, your oxen healthy, and your arms free of broken bones. 

Feature image – Target

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