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It might be uncomfortable. It might be awkward.

You might have to tell your 3-year-old that you won’t be living with her dad anymore.

You might scream, cry, and curse—quietly, so she can’t hear you through the thin apartment walls.

You might have to buy secondhand furniture and be okay with the fact that nothing matches.

You might have to bury your pride and call your friends to help pick up your child when you need an extra hand.

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You might lose friends when your brain is at max capacity and you don’t use your extra time to call them because you’re busy piecing your life back together.

You might need to call the cops, multiple times, because you don’t have anyone else to call when you feel unsafe with illegal activities taking place outside your child’s bedroom window.

You might be jealous of your friends when they complain about how expensive their 5-star weekend getaway trip was when you have to split one meal and water with your kid when you go out to eat. Or only go to restaurants where kids eat free.

You might be so angry that you can’t see straight.

You might be tired when you spend all day working and you’re up all night applying for second jobs.

You might say enough is enough.

You might start feeling good when you splurge on a gym membership to work out regularly because you know you need an outlet or you’ll snap.

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You might start inviting friends over to your apartment because you finally have a dining room table with enough chairs for everyone to sit.

You might get the courage to be vulnerable with a new partner.

Better yet, you might get the courage to be vulnerable with yourself!

You might shift careers, finances, towns, and schools.

You might find that situations you thought would break you, only built up stronger confidence in you.

You might find that starting over isn’t the sad story they want you to think it is.

You will find it’s exactly what you need to not just survive . . . but to thrive.

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Jena Garrett

Being a single parent may no longer be the "norm," but it still comes with challenges and feelings that are not always talked about. My passions lie in being a voice of compassion for all, challenging the status quo, and always learning to be 1% better than I was the day before, in all areas of my life.

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