My Facebook got hacked into.  

Boo friggity hoo. Right? Right.

Until I realized I have no other way to contact half the people on my Facebook. Until I realized I just lost all the personal messages I had to and from closest friends and family. Until I realized half my pictures were hidden from everyone else and therefore I will never get them back. Until I realized I no longer can continue my blogging page. Until. . . 

Ah shoot.

And then I remembered. About a month ago I prayed. “God, please reveal to me any idols I may have in my life.” And I thought about social media and said “Ya… that’s probably one. Maybe I should give that up…Nah…I’ll just try to cut back on it a bit.” And then last week God urged me to really stop putting social media over Him. And I prayed and asked Him to help me.  And then… didn’t do anything.  

Now… This. God showed me. I mean, he really SHOWED me.

He is in control. Always. And He answers prayers. So if you are going to pray, just keep in mind. You need to listen to the answer. And if you don’t? He might answer your prayer anyway…with a two by four smacked over your head. It may or may not be how you like.  

But I do urge you– pray. Because He will answer and He will take over. And it may be hard. And it may stretch you so much it hurts. But it WILL be awesome. Because it will bring you that much closer. Closer to Him and His glory and His awesomeness.  

If anything? I am now ready to pray harder. What else does God need to smack me over the head with so He becomes my number one? So He is given the complete glory? So His name is made known? My guess is a lot.

Esther Vandersluis

Esther is a Canadian writing from Hamilton, Ontario. She is a stay-at-home to two incredibly sweet little girls, a wife to a very hard working husband, a writer and crafter in her 'spare' time, and a teacher at heart. Most of all, she is a follower of Christ and is working on living in His joy through every task of motherhood. You can find her on Facebook where she writes about waking up each day with an attitude of joy and thankfulness while living a life of intention and purpose for Christ.