Why, hello there older mom, you beautiful woman.

I am writing because today I really needed you to celebrate with me, but instead you stole my joy. You probably did not even know it.

You see, I came to you today and told you this new tidbit I had learned about my sweet new baby. I am learning all sorts of new things about him, daily, it seems. How I can better soothe him in the middle of the night, what position works best for feeding him, which little toy he loves to lie under and stare at. Just little things that make me feel like I am making some headway after diving head first into this parenting thing.

And today, that little idea was big enough for me to want to share with you. I felt so triumphant, like I had finally beat the really tough level on Candy Crush that I had been working on for weeks. I was so proud of myself. I hoped you would be proud of me too. And that just maybe my knowledge could help you since you have been there for me time and time again.

But when I came to you, seeking your validation after finding this new nugget of wisdom, you sort of just brushed me off. Told me, “All babies like that.” Left me feeling like maybe I am behind where I should be as a mom. Or worse, maybe I am just not cut out for this motherhood thing if I didn’t even know this one small thing.

But that’s not how it should be. We should be celebrating these victories together. Older mom, I need you to support me in this quest for new discoveries about these little miracles that we are caring for. I deeply need you to be my loudest cheerleader because you have been there and you know how tough these days can be.

I need you to see how hard I am trying here. To see the many hours and sleepless nights I have invested in this venture. That I am making some progress, gaining ground. I need you to see me.

Because you might be the only one who does. You may be the only one who takes notice of how I am giving parenthood my all. Older mom, you can see this so well because I know you are doing the same.

I’ve seen the way you have successfully navigated some quite tricky parenting struggles. I’ve seen you get a toddler to eat something he doesn’t want to. Others have witnessed your ability to calm a tantrum in seconds. You can even cut an infant’s fingernails with ease. You are freaking incredible!

I praise you all the time for the hard-fought wisdom you have acquired and so willingly give out to moms like me, who desperately need it. You regularly hear me say things like: “That is so smart!” “Why did I not think of that?” or “You are seriously a genius.” And I mean every word. You are amazing.

I have so much faith in you as a mom, so why can’t you have a little more faith in me?

Older mom, I love having you in my life. You are an amazing friend. I value your wisdom gained from years of experience. I love that you are willing to jump into tough situations and get your hands dirty to help me because you have been there. You are a huge asset to my life and this journey through motherhood. Truly, you are. But please, just for today, let me have this one small victory.

Abi Curtis

Abi is a mother to one adventurous boy and a wife to the most amazing man. She recently graduated with a degree in computer science, ahem, nerd, and is just starting out in the blogging world. In her free time, she likes to binge read, browse Pinterest, and recently found a love for gardening. If she sounds like your kind of gal, find more of her thoughts at www.midwestmotherhood.com.