The saying is “it takes a village,” and I didn’t know how true this would ring until I had children of my own. Within ours, I anticipated family, friends, the church, and various members of the community. What I never anticipated was the special role our nanny would fill within our family.

As working moms, leaving our kids in someone else’s care is hard, no matter the circumstances. We wonder if they’ll miss us and whether their day will still feel full in spite of our absence.  Ever since we brought our nanny into the family, I’ve never had to worry about any of this. And, this lack of worry is a luxury I won’t ever take for granted.

In many ways, our nanny is an extension of me.

But in others, she beautifully and harmoniously balances me out. She is high-energy and efficient. But, she is also consistently positive and goes with the flow (both qualities that are invaluable in a house full of boys, to be sure!).

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Our nanny anticipates exactly what we need before we even know we need it. She unwaveringly loves our boys as her own, and she seeks to be involved in their lives even “off duty” when she doesn’t have to be. She consistently makes a point to tell me that I’m a good mom and reminds me to give myself grace when it feels as though I’ve messed up beyond repair and don’t deserve it.

Our nanny has highlighted to me that family doesn’t just mean who we’re related to. Family means so much more.

They say it takes a village to raise our children, and it’s true.

Except, I could have never imagined that a nanny could be so much more than a caregiver. A nanny can also become a confidant, a friend, and an integral family member.

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So, to the MVP nannies—thank you. Thank you for loving us mamas unconditionally in all of our mess. Thank you for helping us wipe noses and tears. Thank you for making lunches with love and care, for making each day an adventure, for making our kids smile, and for standing bravely and lovingly alongside us in the trenches of motherhood. Most of all, thank you for being the missing piece to our village that we may not have even known we needed.

They say it takes a village, and you are one of the best parts of ours. 

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Ashley Prinsen

I am an infertility warrior who shares my journey to motherhood via original devotions and blog posts on my site ( My goal is to encourage and support others who are navigating difficult roads. I live in Columbus, OH with my encouraging husband and three miracles boys.

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