“We were able to quickly stop it and unlock the door and get her out. Aside from a couple of small bumps on her head and wet clothes, she was fine.”

I held my breath as I read a Facebook post written by Lindsey Mclver, a brave mom, who took to social media to warn parents after her daughter crawled into a front loading washing machine. 

She was locked inside the machine, which then started filling up with water.

Yes, you read that correctly. 

Mclver writes that, “By the time we reached the laundry room in the basement, my three-year-old daughter Kloe was LOCKED inside the airtight washing machine. It was tumbling and filling with water. She was screaming but you couldn’t hear her.” 

The nightmare, thankfully, has a happy ending. Mclver’s four-year-old son warned the child’s parents before it was too late.

“As I was trying to understand what he was saying, my husband flew out of bed and down the stairs. It was then that the realization hit. He had said: Kloe. Inside. Washer,” added Mclver. 

They were able to stop the water and unlock the door to rescue Kloe, who came out of the scary incident wet and scared, but unharmed save for a few bumps on her head. 

The family had just purchased the machine and hadn’t yet had a chance to look over the manual or even run the unit, so McIver said while it does have a child lock setting, it wasn’t enabled. Since the incident, the McIvers have installed a child safety device for added protection, but they want to reiterate the importance of taking precautions in homes where young children might have access to the laundry room. “I want to encourage anybody who has this type of front loading washing machine and small children, or even grandkids who visit, to lock the door with a child safety lock and always keep the child lock setting on,” McIver concluded.

It’s a scary warning for sure, but one we’re grateful the McIvers are bravely sharing to help protect other curious kids from potential disaster. 

Image via Facebook

Leslie Means

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