Dear Mom,

Although you may or may not appreciate the public forum on which I am writing you, my intention of this letter is to share with you, and the world, just how much you mean to me.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and it got me thinking . . . 

For some women, the thought of their mom makes their eyes roll. For others, the mention of her name causes them anxiety. For those who do not have relationships at all with their mother, sadness ensues at the mere sight of another mother and her daughter.

But, for the select few, like myself, the thought of mom and the mention of her name brings us nothing but joy, excitement, love, and happiness.

My memories of you from when I was younger are all coated in unconditional love. All my memories make me smile. Even when I think about the times I got in trouble; you approached every consequence with love. I never doubted your love for me.

Everything that I am, I am because of you. I am kind because you treat people with kindness. I am respectful because you taught me the importance of that. I have a healthy mind because you showed me, by example, the extreme measure of a mother’s strength.

My five-year-old daughter asked me the other day if there is a school that mommies go to, to become mothers. I explained to her that although there is not a “school” for moms, that each mother learns by watching her mother. My children, your grandchildren, are so lucky that I was able to go to the “school of Gramys”.

There is so much about life that is hard and even more about parenting that is challenging. Neither life nor parenting comes with an instructional manual. But, that is why we have mothers.

I am the mother that I am today because of you. I make a lot of mistakes still, but my children have never felt unloved for one millisecond and that I am proud of. That is a product of your parenting.

Mom, you amaze me. You are my best friend. I admire you. I respect you. You inspire me and, of course, I love you.

This Mother’s Day and all days, remember just how lucky we are to have mothers that are clothed in dignity and are wise. Be grateful for a mother who loves you so fiercely that she is your parallel life; always going through everything with you, by your side, physically and emotionally.

These incredible women called mothers make life and parenting easier. Call yours today and let her know just what a blessing she is.

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Nicole Merritt

Nicole Merritt is a mother of three and the Owner and Founder of jthreeNMe, an imperfectly authentic peek at real-life marriage, parenting, and self-improvement. jthreeNMe is raw, honest, empowering, inspiring, and entertaining; it’s like chicken soup for those that are exhausted, over-stressed and under-inebriated, yet still utterly happy. Nicole's work has been featured by Scary Mommy, The Good Men Project, BLUNTmoms, Thought Catalog, Everyday Family, Motherly & many others. You can follow Nicole at jthreeNMe and on FacebookPinterestInstagram & Twitter!